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Biosafety, Biosecurity and the Evaluation of Biohazards Course - Facilitators' Manual

This resource is comprised of an instructor’s manual, lecture presentations, student readings, exercises and assignments. It provides an overview of the field of biological safety and its application for students and practitioners interested in the epidemiology of microbial diseases. Topics addressed include: micro- and molecular biology research; research involving laboratory animals; the design of laboratory facilities; bioterrorism; indoor air quality investigations; and disinfection and sterilization. Federal, state, and local regulations, standards, and guidelines are presented and reviewed. Interactive exercises and case studies are employed to reinforce key course concepts.

Please address questions regarding the Biosafety, Biosecurity and the Evaluation of Biohazards Course Facilitators’ Manual to Sheila McCreven .

Course Authorship

This course is based on the semester length Biosafety class created for the Yale School of Public Health by Benjamin Fontes, MPH, CBSP.  The online presentation of course materials and Facilitator's Guide were developed by Srdjan Stakic, EdD, Lauren Babcock-Dunning, MPH, Indira Dhandapani, and Benjamin Fontes.